April General Meeting
Thanks to everyone that attended our General Meeting In April. Past District Governor, and wine connoisseur, Brian Moors is shown holding a box of white zinfandel that was presented to him as a thank you gift for speaking to our club. He spoke specifically about the wine that will be available at our Wine’d Up for Youth event on May 11th. If anyone knows about wine it’s Brian. He is referred to as the district’s “Chief Grape” and he is a wine judge for events in our area.
In addition, our Service Director, Megan Ham, told the crowd that she recently went to New York. She said she flew to the Big Apple with her boyfriend and returned with her fiancé.” Members asked her why she left her boyfriend in New York. (Congratulations Megan)

Our Happy Dollars collector, Michele Mutoza, told us she will soon be teaching a class in manners. Sam Anderson asked her if the class will be about bad manners.
$155 for a bottle of wine? Yep! After a fierce bidding war with Pat Braziel, Charlie Harrison bought a bottle of fine wine donated by PDG Brian Moore., for $155. Charlie must really like wine.