If you're looking for service you can provide from your home, here's an opportunity to provide hope, happiness and a smile right now to seniors, veterans, and women who have suffered from abuse.  Trudy Harris has provided us template instructions and mailing addresses and contact information for the following organizations:  EskatonSnowline Hospice, American Legion Rocklin, and Stand Up Placer
If you'd like to put a smile on someone's face who's struggling, continue reading for how to make that happen.
ESKATON:  Since the Sacramento State University Gerontology students have completed their hours, Eskaton is in need of help during the following days and times (there is flexibility).   Please let Christie Hebditch know if you are able to make calls during any of these times and let her know Trudy Harris at Team Giving referred you:

1.       Tuesday, Thursday 2:00pm

2.       Tuesday, Thursday 3:00pm

3.       Tuesday, Friday 3:00pm

4.       Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 9:00am

5.       Monday, Saturday 9:00am

6.       Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday, Sunday 9:00am

7.       Wednesday, Sunday 10:00am                    

8.       Sunday 10:30am

9.       Monday, Wednesday 12:00pm

10.   Friday 10:00am

11.   Monday, Thursday 12:00pm

Christie Hebditch
Program Manager
5105 Manzanita Ave
Carmichael, CA 95608
P 916-334-0810


Snowline Hospice: Serving people all over the region who are at end of life care. They support their clients and care-givers to ensure the most peaceful path for their journey, including grief support for the family. Letters can be handwritten or typed. Please address your letter “Greetings to you” as it is unknown exactly who the recipient will be. These should be from adults only, no children please.
Some tips: *Focus on the positive; keep your note kind and uplifting BUT focused on the future events or activities. Remember, some are at true end-of-life care. *Isolation is difficult. Remind your letter recipient that they have the support of their gifted Snowline care team. *Include photos? Yes! But no photos of people. Limit to animals and nature. *Please, NO COVID19 or terminal illness talk. We want to alleviate stress. *Please, NO politics, religion, or personal information. You may mail them to:

Snowline Hospice

Attention: Volunteer Department

100 Howe Ave. Suite 240N

Sacramento, CA 95825




Snowline Hospice 

Attention: Volunteer Department 

6520 Pleasant Valley Road

Diamond Springs, CA 95619

Stand Up Placer:
Help clients of Stand Up Placer by supporting them by sending a bright and caring message of hope!   Stand Up Placer is dedicated to saving lives by empowering survivors and educating communities about how to stand up to domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Keep your message hopeful and uplifting, following the same basic guidelines as for Snowline. Encouragement and letting the clients know they are in our hearts is always great! Children can make cards or write notes, too! 
Two ways to send in a "Message of Hope:"
1) EMAIL:  reduce cost and the potential spread of germs, with the subject line:  "Message of Hope"  addressed to: VolunteerCoordinator@StandUpPlacer.org 
(2) MAIL IN:  Send a card, letter, or positive image artwork.  Any age volunteer can participate -- kids may draw uplifting pictures!

Stand Up Placer

c/o "Message of Hope"

PO Box 5462

Auburn, CA 95604


Writing "Letters of Gratitude" to Local Veterans:
Express your gratitude to local veterans by writing letters and making patriotic pictures! Thank these brave men and women for their sacrifice, bravery, and the example they set for us all. Send one or many letters -- children may send in patriotic pictures! These letters will be given to veterans and their families on Memorial Day. Keep your content thankful, upbeat, and nonpolitical please! Children's letters and drawings are very welcome!
The mailing address is:  
American Legion Rocklin 
Post #620 - PO Box 3333, 
Rocklin, CA, 95677