It was a full agenda that included:
1. Members updates from those helping on the front lines of the COVID19 crisis
2.  Member Inductions by DG Ray Ward 
3. Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance and how Passport One will be helping their clients  
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What a way to begin wrapping up this Rotary year...ON LINE!
We heard from a few members who are in the thick of things with respect to the COVID crisis.  Dr. Jen Cavalari, who is currently working in Maine, talked about her experience being stuck in  Honduras when the COVID crisis hit, how she was able to get back, and what life is like now.   Dr. Alex Cavalari, a pharmacist in Sacramento, reminded everyone that if you need any type of medical help, don't wait for fear of COVID.  Lastly, Scott Alvord, a Roseville City Counsel member, talked about how he has mobilized hundreds of volunteers to make and distributed thousands of masks to the surrounding communities as well as general necessities.  
Our guest speaker for the evening was Catrina Archularious, Development Coordinator for Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance.  This is an organization that does so much for families dealing with childhood cancer as well as contributes to research to help find a cure.  
Because RYLA was cancelled this year, the board chose to instead, use the $1670 to help Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance by purchasing gas gift cards.  Many of Keaton's clients have been displaced from the Ronald McDonald House & Kiwanis House and are now having to travel many miles weekly to help their children get their cancer treatments. 
To learn more about Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance go to  https://childcancer.org/.
District Governor, Ray Ward attended the meeting and inducted our four newest members to the club...Brian Niski, Claudine Niski, Jim Gragg, and Wona Miniati.  I'm so happy to have them officially as part of our club!  
We wrapped up the meeting with Some Good News from our members and reminded everyone that we'll be having an online social planned for May 28 and Installation set for June 25.  Since things/information is ever-changing right now, we will either be meeting online, in person or some combination of both.  We will certainly keep you updated as we have more information.