eClub of District 51
Evan's Kitchen (Banquet Room)
885 57th Street
Sacramento, CA  95819
United States

The Rotary Club of Sacramento Breakfast is one of eight clubs in the district that have agreed to partner with us this year. We will be joining them for their September 12th meeting. They are a morning club, so, hopefully, many of you will be able to attend the meeting before your workday begins.

Rotary Club of Sacramento Breakfast
Evan's Kitchen (Banquet Room): 885 57th Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
$13 for breakfast

We meet with our partner clubs on the months that we don't have our regular meetings. These meetings are a great way for our members who are new to Rotary to increase their experience and knowledge about Rotary. They also offer more Rotary opportunities for veteran members. Our partners give us a chance to join weekly clubs for social and service interactions.

We need to give them an idea of how many of us will be there. We hope to have a great turnout like we did at our July meeting with Foothill Highlands club. Please email PE Carol Langley if you will be able to attend.