Recognition for Participation in the Rotary Passport Club of District 5180 Measured in "Lives Saved"
Unlike other Rotary clubs, the Rotary Passport Club does not have regular weekly meetings, nor does it sponsor (at this writing) any service projects or fundraising projects.  At other clubs, attendance at club meetings, and sometimes at other club events and projects, is the measure of involvement and participation for a Rotary member.
In Rotary Passport Club, our goal is to encourage members to engage with the other Rotary clubs in District 5180 by attending their meetings, service projects and fundraising projects.  In addition, Rotary Passport Club encourages participation in giving programs sponsored by The Rotary Foundation.
Instead of an attendance measure, the Rotary Passport Club will give credit for the participation of its members in the aforementioned activities by crediting members with "Lives Saved", measured by their giving of time and money (for specific ways to give time and money see "How To Give - Time" and "How To Give - Money" links on the Home page)
Each year, a member is expected to save one life.  A life saved is earned by participating in Rotary activities for 40 hours during the Rotary Year (July 1 - June 30) or contributing $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation or fundraising projects of the Rotary clubs of 5180 or a combination of the two.
For Example -
  If Molly, a Rotary Passport Member, does the following during the Rotary Year - 
              (1) Donates $400 to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund,
              (2) Donates $40 to a local District 5180 Rotary club's Crab Feed,
              (3) Attends 11 meetings at different District 5180 Rotary clubs, and
              (4) Spends 25 hours of her time on different District 5180 Rotary club service projects
Molly will be credited with Two (2) Lifes Saved for the year.
Members report their hours for the Rotary Passport Club of District 5180 through this link - 
The Rotary Passport Club holds its members to the highest of ethical standards.  We measure this standard by The Four Way Test of the things our members think, say and do.  Namely,
   (1) Is it the Truth?
   (2) Is it Fair to All Concerned?
   (3) Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
   (4) Will it Be Beneficial to All Concerned?
Using this test as their guide, members will report their participation hours (meetings, service projects and fundraising projects) and dollars contributed to local Rotary Clubs in District 5180 to the Club Secretary.  Any dollars contributed by Rotary Passport Members to The Rotary Foundation will be automatically reported.
At a Club Event near the end of the Rotary Year, all Rotary Passport Members who have saved 1 or more lives during the year will be recognized for their achievement.
Leigh-Ann Reinero - 11.0 lives
Carol Langley - 10.0 lives
Michael Reinero - 8.5 lives
JoAnne Tanner - 6.5 lives
Andrew Peluso - 6.5 lives
Ann Wittich - 5.0 lives
Bill Wittich - 3.5 lives
Christie Harrison - 3.0 lives
Angie Dixon - 3.0 lives
Jerry Harner - 3.0 lives
Tim Doherty - 2.5 lives
Janice Gage - 2.0 lives
David Kenitzer - 2.0 lives
Mary Grosjean - 1.5 lives
Dwight Chambers - 1.5 lives
Carolyn Lewis - 1.5 lives
Nancy Milton - 1.5 lives
Kirk Davis - 1.0 life
Veronica Silva-Gil - 1.0 life
Deanne Baquera - 1.0 life
Michael Dockery - 1.0 life
Ed Trujillo - 1.0 life
Scott Boynton - 1.0 life
Donna D. Dotti - 1.0 life
Louise Dutton - 1.0 life
Cindy Seidel - 1.0 life
Sharon Mowry - 0.5 life
Darrin Guttman - 0.5 life
Sue Frost - 0.5 life
Steve Zeigler - 0.5 life
Congratulations and thank you for your service!!!